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My best friend here in Ontario-land. Also taking ComputerScience, Matt's pretty big into Linux and gaming and stuff like that, as well as D&D, a bit of anime here and there, and if you're as devilishly convincing as I am, you can get him to have a cup of coffee once in a while too :)

Matt and I have been taking a lot of the same courses recently, so we are each other's bitching companions when it comes to unfair marking, "shit 'n abuse" and such. We also do LateNightHackingSessions? sometimes to finish projects or generally goof around with computer schlit. Or, sometimes, we have to do CrazyHard MathAssignments.

Matt's helped me realise a lot of things in life. Things like

* School and work don't need to be everything in life.

* Maybe I don't actually wanna have kids (I always thought I would someday).

* I'm not always as pathetic as I think I am (just most of time :)

I've helped Matt, er, start drinking coffee. I feel kinda bad about that actually.. he was coffee free until he met me. Sigh.

* I like the taste of coffee, coffee isn't all bad, I consider it a.. I'd like to say healthy but I can't, an addition shall we say, to my repertoire -- MattWiseass

Heh, the benefits of carrying around a camera. Here's MattWiseass, in "uber-friendly mode" :)