Questions on MathAssignments are deemed to be CrazyHard iff (that's "if and only if" for you non-math types :) they require 10 or more hours to find a correct solution. In almost every one of the MATH courses I've taken, there have been at least a few assignments containing CrazyHard questions (except Math 235; that course was hella-easy :)

A CrazyHard math question is both a good thing and a bad thing. I mean I find these types of questions intellectually stimulating and challenging, and that's good. I find spending over 10 hours on one question is really a lot of time, though, and it makes me feel stupid (which I may very well be :)

All in all, though, when a question's CrazyHard, I'm usually pretty determined to figure the sucker out. No matter what it takes.