Ahh, MathAssignments. Boy have I done a lot of these. To give you an idea, here are the MATH courses I've taken at Waterloo, in the order I took them:

These are pretty standard courses that every ComputerScience student at Waterloo will have to take. In almost all of those courses, there was an assignment every week.. let's say 10 assignments per course. That makes 70 MathAssignments that I've done.

The thing with MathAssignments, is that for me, they're sort of intoxicating. You know that there's a correct answer (possibly several, or many). If you just think about it and work on it long enough, you can figure it out. Therefore it's (in some sense) easy to get perfect on every assignment, unlike writing an essay for a philosophy course, where it really shouldn't be possible to get a perfect grade (what is a perfect essay?)

So often, I get really caught up in MathAssignments. I know it's possible (even simple!) to get a perfect grade: simply find the correct answer/proof to every question. When the MathAssignments are CrazyHard, however, this isn't always as easy as it seems. I've been known to spend many a night working on these darn things, when I arguably have better things to do, like exposing my pale skin to the sun, sleeping or meeting women or something. Meh, I guess that's just me :)