A version of WinE made by [Transgaming]. They've added in DirectX 8 support, which is actually rather amazing when you think about it. They have to take all the DirectX functions, and implement them in OpenGL. Not an easy task. And DirectX almost certainly isn't fully (or well) documented, so I'm sure that makes it extra fun. Anyway, WineX works pretty decently for games.. I use it to play WarcraftIII and EliteForce.

Unfortunately, I'm having slowness problems with StarCraft right now, and I'm told that it's due to my using an SMP kernel, (hey, imagine that, an SMP kernel on an SMP box!) or possibly due to my kernel having high memory support (since I have 1GB of RAM). Hmm. Odd, and a 2.6-test kernel didn't fix it (in fact, it made it even slower). I'd like to figure it out sometime. Some people are having success nicing X up to -20, and running at 640x480 at 8bpp, but I'd rather not have to go to such drastic measures. I want an icon on my desktop that I can click, and have it run, and I don't want to have to do any stupid setuid root stuff, or starting up extra X servers. I've also read that UseDGA=Y in ~/.wine/config might be the ticket.. I'll have to try that. I don't expect it to make that much of a difference though. Sigh.

Update (2004/02/28): A recently released version of WinE actually fixed this up for me just fine. StarCraft runs really well on my box right now, with a 2.6 SMP kernel. Kudos to the WinE people, although I'm sure they weren't specifically trying to address this particular issue :)