Eh? What is this weird place?

This page is a wiki. Until recently, even I didn't know what wikis were, so if you don't, don't worry about it. A wiki is a web document development system. Or something. It's hard to explain. But you've probably noticed that a lot of things on here look like WordsSmashedTogether - GentooLinux, PeterColijn and DualAthlon for example. The big "wiki thing" is that when you edit a page, if you put a SmashedTogetherWord in there, and it's not already a page in the wiki, there'll be a "?" beside it. You can click on the "?" to make it a new page. And so the wiki grows. It's pretty neat actually. I chose to make my web page with a wiki because you can make things really fast and I'm too lazy to do HTML and all that :)

But, why is it called "CaffeinatedWiki"?

Because I like my caffeine, darnit. And this is my web page. I live and breathe caffeine. Caffeine is not an option. Caffeine is a way of life. And I've chosen to live that way of life, and I'm very happy with that decision, thank you very much!

Erm, and what's that weird C8H10N4O2 thing up there?

That's the molecular formula for caffeine. Caffeine, in case you care, is actually an amine. I learned that in OrganicChemistry in HighSchool?. Whoa, I guess sometimes you do learn moderately interesting stuff in school...

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