That's me. In case you're wondering about the last name, it's Dutch. And so is half of me. Er, yeah. It's vaguely pronounced co-lane, in case you care. Wanna picture? Sure yah do:


That's me on the train from Vienna to Venice, on vacation in fall 2008 with my wife [slatepelican]. It was a fun trip. We were in Prague, then Vienna, Venice and Bristol.

Like it says on the front page, I graduated in ComputerScience degree from the [University of Waterloo]. It was ok. For the most part, the profs were good, the courses were interesting and I met some great people. Though don't get me started on Mavaddat...

Besides the computers, however, I do have other interests. Drinking coffee, for example. And just about any other caffeinated beverage. But seriously: I have grade 8 Royal Conservatory piano, although I haven't played in ages. I enjoy cycling, watching anime, sampling beers and travelling. And especially that last one. I've been to many places. Lemme see here.. (in no particular order):

I've lived in Canada, the Netherlands, the US and the UK, though the latter only for 4 months for a co-op job at [DecisionSoft]. I definitely enjoyed living in the Netherlands. I think it's a wonderful country, and their government isn't completely brain-dead either. That's a novel concept, eh? <-- My Canadian nature. I also enjoyed living in the UK. I lived in Oxford and man is that a beautiful city. It was in the summer too. And let me tell you, they sure as hell know their beer in England. The food is an entirely different matter, however :)

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