My best friend. We've known each other for ages now. We both share a love for coffee, l337 hardware and Linux. He helped me through some of the toughest parts of my life so far (aka HighSchool?). We almost know each other better than we know ourselves. In fact we probably do. It's scary.

Anyway, here he is, in all his glory:


He's currently taking some courses at [Mount Royal College] in Calgary, Alberta. A sprinkling of lots of things right now, if I understand correctly. Some history, some philosophy, some sociology. As far as he tells me, SpifMeister's not exactly sure what he wants to do in the long run. He's big into Linux and stuff like me, but I guess he figured going all out and taking ComputerScience wasn't exactly what he wanted.

Here's a picture of SpifMeister and I doing what we do best (playing with Linux while SmellyMelly gets annoyed because we're, well, playing with Linux.. :)


Oh, and just so you know, we're also pretty good at drinking coffee and beer :) <homer>Mmmmm.. coffee.. aaaauuugghh</homer>

--SpifMeister is not related to SlutMaster