SlutMaster (aka Johnny) is also a friend of mine from HighSchool?. We met in Physics class. I turned him over to the DarkSide - when I met him he was a sweet, innocent, Christian boy. He didn't drink, didn't swear much, that kinda thing. He got the nickname by refusing talk about anything non-sexual for about 3 years straight, and even now it's tough to have a conversation with the guy without having "suck this" or "rim that" enter in there somewhere. So, suffice it to say, he's a bit different now than when I first met him, and I feel it might be my fault. Meh, whatever, it's good for the guy. Here he is, in all his glory, at one of our LanParties:


Johnny recently finished civil engineering at the [University of Calgary]. He liked it ok, as far as he tells me, although I understand that his colleagues weren't always the most well-adjusted people in the world. To put it diplomatically. He's now working at [Fluour], doing various engineering-y stuff, I imagine.

Johnny's also dating Morgan, who's nice and a lot of fun to hang around. Here's a pic of the happy couple: