Well here they are. My desktop. I use GNOME2, which I've come to like fairly well. It does some things that piss me off, but not too many, and in general it's nice, clean and tidy. Click on the thumnails to get full-sized versions. I run a 1600x1200 desktop, so the full-sized images are big.

What my default desktop looks like when I'm doing nothing. I run Beep all the time. I just stick it in the corner and make it sticky, so I can change the music all the time without any fuss.
You can see my rather large collection of Star Trek episodes in the back, and the GNOME process manager showing our woefully full fileserver in front. I really need to get around to sticking another disk in there...
Hacking on some stuff for xmms-alarm. I use it to wake up, and I'm working on porting it to Beep so I can stop running XMMS altogether. Having to use gtk1 stuff kind of annoys me, because the fonts are sooo broken.
Playing a game my friend MattWiseass and I wrote in first year; it's a Java version of Solitaire.. and I still think it's quite good for a first year effort. You can play it, in applet form, [here]. Check out the Hints and the "Take best move" feature; they rock, IMO. (You will need Java installed, obviously.)

I'll put up more screenshots as they come. In case you're wondering, yes, those shortcuts to things like EliteForce, WarcraftIII and StarCraft do work, with the "magic" of WinE and WineX. I put magic in quotes because WinE actually kinda sucks. It's software done wrong. It's getting better, but I have to have 2 different versions of it on my box to make those games work (namely plain WinE and WineX). I used to use KazaaLite in WinE a bit too, but the WinE people routinely broke it so I gave up. Apparently they're working towards a "one-dot-oh" release; I'll believe it when I see it.