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Fri, 02 Dec 2005 22:00:07 . . . . socrates.net.local [Update]

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My baby. No, seriously. My beast of box. Currently, its specs are:

* Tyan S2462 mobo (2 3Com 10/100 NICs onboard, 64-bit PCI, it's a nice board :)

* 2 Athlon MP 2600+ procs

* 1024MB PC2100 ECC DDR SDRAM (mmm.. gig-y goodness :)

* 120GB Maxtor 7200RPM DiamondMax? ultra9 with 8MB cache (yep, a DeskStar died, though I was quick enough to get my stuff off it first)

* 256MB GeForce 6800GT graphics

* Sound Blaster Live! something-or-other (I seriously can't remember which one it is)

* 19" LG Flatron monitor (ooooooh, yeah..)

And what would any self-respecting geek run on such a rig, but GentooLinux of course!

If I ever get a digital camera or scanner I'll put some pics of this beauty up. I know some of the hardware is a bit dated now, but the machine still hauls some serious ass. Having 2 CPUs rocks. And hey, more than 50fps in Quake4 at 1280x960 ain't too shabby at all, if you ask me!

It had to happen sometime. Check out the ObligatoryScreenshots :)