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October 01, 2007 (link)
Re: Re: Rant: by-uuid

So my rant about by-uuid received some responses. In particular, pmccurdy claims that partitions move among devices "almost always" in Linux these days, due to the fact that "classic" device names are determined by driver load order, and the fact that we generally have a lot more drivers being loaded dynamically due to things like USB keys, etc. Maybe. Though drivers that you load after boot are not going to affect the naming of your primary boot device, which is the most crucial one to get correct. Once my system is running, if I plug in a USB key, I don't really care where it shows up; HAL/dbus/pmount will mount it for me anyway.

Anyway, regardless of whether or not you believe that driver load order is sufficiently stable to identify the primary boot device, in my experience by-uuid is less stable, so it does nothing to solve the problem, and in fact makes it worse. Now that's what I call useless. If it really worked, it would be serving a (somewhat dubious, IMO) purpose. But since it doesn't, it serves no purpose whatsoever except to annoy me whenever Ubuntu wants to upgrade my kernel.

If by-uuid works for you, great. I guess it's not 100% broken.


I recently visited great white expanse otherwise known as Russia. St. Petersburg in particular. It had been about 10 years since my last visit, and I've never been to St. Petersburg. It's quite a nice city, though very polluted and rainy but I guess that just comes with the territory.

Things of note:

  • Walking is generally faster than driving. At least during the day. New York can be like that, but generally you have to replace walking with biking, unless of course all the world leaders are converging at the UN, in which case you're just plain screwed.
  • If you go to a convencience store, you don't just grab what you want and then pay for it. Oh no, that would be too easy. You go up to a cashier in a booth and tell them what you want, and pay. And then you take your receipt around the store getting other people to give you what you paid for. And as you go, they take your receipt and tear little rips in it to indicate which things you've received, argue with you about your receipt being too torn and scream across the store at the cashier to ensure that yes, you really are entitled to the items you've paid for. I'm having trouble thinking of a less efficient system for grocery shopping.
  • If you go to any sort of tourist attraction and speak a language other than Russian, you can expect to pay 150% what you would if you were to speak Russian.
  • For a country where the iPhone isn't even launched yet, there sure are a lot of people flaunting them. Apparently the going rate is $1300USD, over 300% the US price!

Overall, Russia seemed a lot more prosperous this time than it did 10 years ago. Of course, my memories may be somewhat hazy. But there were many more cafés, fancy shops and fancy cars than I remember seeing in Moscow, which I was told is generally considered more upscale than St. Petersburg.

October 14, 2007 (link)


So as Al Gore wins the Nobel peace prize, I can't help but think back to 2000. Seriously, WTF? How did he lose? I mean even if you claim that he technically didn't lose, how was it even close? It sometimes scares me that so few people in this country understand or respond to rational argument.

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