Hello, Thapthim Here.

The reason why I posted this page is so we have a place to place our ideas about the game we are eventually going to create. It just got me thinking that we should have a database of ideas here so we can reference them at some future time. Now I know we do not have a base right now, but I think we should build that base and see if we can get an idea of some sort that seem plausible.

What Type of Game?

That is still up in the air right now, pretty much everything is open, it would be cool if we can decide on an idea quickly though. Cause I think after we decided on an idea, then we can build up from there.

Who is On This Team?


SpifMeister (need to talk to him when he gets back)


Why Not Insert Name Here?

Well there are my reasons of not mentioning the project to others, just hope the rest of your can keep this relatively quiet

Any Ideas Right Now?

Well I think it should if possible involve Canada majorly (so sick of American Movies and Games). Like have it take place in Canada, or the main character be Canadian.

Avoid stupid limitations (like those seen in Older dungeons and Dragons, (Dwarfs can not be wizards and so forth).

Multiplayer or Single Player?

I think either or are up in the air right now, I mean creating a MMOwould be sweet, but there are so many, I am not sure if we could compete.

That is all for now, I hope to add more later