Ahh, CheekyMonkeyMelo. What can I say? Melo's a super-hyper person with a totally bubbling personality. She's a blast to be around. And she can drink you under the table. No, really, she can. She can drink just about every person on the face of the earth under the table. It's unreal.

Melo studies classics and archeology at [Wilfred Laurier University] and likes it a lot. She's got a knack for balancing work and life (unlike me) and is super optimistic, among other things.

Heh, and I guess you might be wondering about the nickname. I gave her a shot glass from England with "Cheeky Monkey" on it and it sorta stuck since then. But I think it works; Melo usually chooses not be subtle. She says what she means, and it's sorta refreshing. I don't think I could ever do that.