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ThapthimCanuck (aka Phil, but nobody ever actually calls him Phil) is another friend of mine from HighSchool?. I met him in the MultimediaClub?. He's a really nice guy, really down-to-earth compared to SlutMaster, for example. Here's a picture of him looking a little, er, well, looking a little something anyway:

[edit] Thapthim: replaced scary picture with not so scary picture


Thap's currently doing a degree at [DeVRY] and he's almost done, the bastard! I'm only in 2nd year but Thap'll be done in June! He's interested in doing game development afterwards. Thap's also into D&D, Star Trek, anime and Linux, although he doesn't drink coffee, a bad habit (not drinking coffee, that is :) I fail to understand.

[edit] Thapthim: Coffee tastes gross, unless it is Tim Horton's English Toffee, and I am finished at DeVRY now...