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A good friend of mine, ChipmunkJenny is incredibly neat, tidy, meticulous and graceful. She makes the Queen look like a slob. I swear. So you can imagine how I feel in her presence. Like a huge, disgusting, messy, stinky, creepy guy. But that's probably more my insecurities than anything. I hope.

Anyway, ChipmunkJenny is incredibly friendly, chipper and enthusiastic. She's always up for a good chat.

Among other things, ChipmunkJenny enjoys:

* Hotels. Everything about them (so she tells me)

* Godet (in case you don't know, a ridiculously good Belgian chocolate liquor)

* Baileys truffles (well who the fuck doesn't?)

* Sleeping (I'm with her on that one too.. :)

** dcoombs: You're sleeping with her? Does MattWiseass know?

ChipmunkJenny is currently taking ReligionAndCulture? at [Wilfred Laurier University] and enjoys it quite a bit, as far as I know.

It took me a while, but I got it. ChipmunkJenny, in all her glory, at AmpsRattan's place: