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A game company, in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). That's actually pretty close (well, "close" in the Canadian sense of 350km) to Calgary, where I grew up. They made the Baldur's Gate stuff, and more recently NeverWinter Nights. The Baldur's Gate series was really popular, and NeverWinter Nights was widely anticipated as well. ThapthimCanuck's actually hoping to work there. It's probably a pretty cool company, but I'm not the biggest fan of Edmonton, (they have some pretty freaking cold winters there) so I'm not sure whether I'd consider working there. Meh, we'll see. I'm kinda interested in getting into graphics/game development after school.. though BioWare say they want people with Master's degrees, not just Bachelor's, so that'd mean even more school.

And tuition ain't get any cheaper, I tell yah!