Sacarus, aka Shane, is a good friend of mine from HighSchool?. He and I have a lot in common because we've both lived in a lot of different places. Before his family moved to Calgary, they lived in Scotland for a while, and before that in Indonesia, and some other places too. I don't know the entire story in great detail. Anyway he's doing an economics degree at the [University of Pennsylvania]. I think he likes it so far, except he hates AmericanPissBeer, and the crappy drinking age down there doesn't help much either. Although, at least you can be assured that you're not missing much :) Here's a pic for yah:


Shane and I also share a great appreciation for StarTrek stuff, and we've had a few StarTrekMarathons? at my parent's place in Calgary. Heheh.. little do they know of the debauchery that goes on in their basement :)