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I also lived with PoopinAllan here for a while in Waterloo. What a guy. He talks about poop almost non-stop. When he's not talkin' about poop, he'll talk about porn or strippers for a change.

But actually, Allan's a decent guy. He's taking science at the [University of Waterloo] right now, and he's gettin' pretty interested in physics, to the point where I guess he's considering grad school. I tell yah, after 5 years of undergrad (8 school terms, but mixed in with 6 work terms) I might just be ready to say buh-bye to school. But we'll see.

There are still a few things I don't understand about Allan though:

* His admiration of Britney Spears (I mean, dude, WTF?)

* His diet consisting almost solely of KD and beer (I mean, we've all been there, but still, this guy takes it to the extreme)

* His seemingly undying desire to remove his and other peoples' pants all the time (No help from me with this one =)

Meh, maybe someday I'll understand...

Or maybe you will.. take a look at this guy: