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My friends, like me, are often pretty weird. Heh, and that is one hell of an understatement. Don't take that the wrong way though guys.. :) But one of my favorite things to do is just to hang out and relax with some good friends. Nothing better than a few beers (or coffees, but not at the same time!) and a nice chat.

I also enjoy LanParties with my friends. Most of us are hardcore StarCraft addicts. I tell yah, Blizzard sure did it right when they made that game. As I used to say right after I came back from England and was still re-adjusting to Canadianism "crikey, dude!" What a game. What's it been, like 5 years since it came out? And people are still playing it all the time.

My friends are sort of split up into a few groups, because I've lived in different places. I have the CalgaryGang, people I know from when I went to HighSchool? in Calgary, Alberta. I also have the EuropeGang?, people I know from when I lived in the Netherlands. Sadly I'm not in regular contact with too many of them these days. Finally I have the OntarioGang, mostly people I met at University and such.

Much of the OntarioGang is obsessed with all things anal: farting, pooping, and general assy goodness. To that end, I give you ButtcheechAlliterations! What, you ask, is a buttcheech? Think of what a vageech would be, then make the logical step.