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Greg's our local freak from DeepRiver?, Ontario. He's taking EnvironmentalStudies? at the [University of Waterloo] right now. Incredibly hard-working, silly and always hungry, Greg's known for the following around the house:

* Offering to take a dump or leak on your bed.

* Eating. Always. I seriously think the only time he's not eating is when he's sleeping.

* Making AppleShrines?...

* Playing JazzMusic?, especially when his girlfriend's over..............

Greg got the nickname, as you might have guessed if you know any French, due to the size of his nose. In fairness, it's not actually all that big, it's just kind of a bit big. We don't bug him about it too much, which has the nice side-effect that when we do bug him about it, he tends to get worked up about it =)