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Heheh, now Amps is a guy you won't forget if you ever meet him. He's well over 6 feet tall, well-built, and has a huge beard. I met the dude through my sister. He's currently doing a PhD in Combinatorics and Optimisation (CombinaTronics? on Optimus Prime -- matt) at the [Unversity of Waterloo]. The thing about Amps is he's so friendly, and he's pretty much without inhibition. The dude dressed up as a belly dancer and came the grad house with a bunch of people on Halloween once.

He can also seem kinda silly, but I mean he must be pretty smart, since he's a master's and he's going for a PhD, right? Right? Yeah, I think so, but still, sometimes he'll say something like "Woah, there's a lot of apples here" while looking at a big bag full of apples. Yep, sure are a lot of apples there, Amps.... But meh, what're yah gonna do, eh?

Amps, my sister and I sometimes have big potluck get-togethers at Amps' place, which are fun and usually involve much beer, of the WaterlooDark? variety.

And indeed, here you can see my sister and Amps at one of these famed potlucks: